Take the work out of user testing

Alphabeta has a singular purpose: Take the work out of user testing.

A startup looking to shake up the world of quality assurance testing, Alphabeta needed a fresh brand and approach that would help them stand out among their competition.

"Show us something different and a little wild."

Charged with creating a unique brand persona, we set out to deliver a brand identity that would illustrate Alphabeta’s unique approach to quality assurance testing. From the ground up we designed the Alphabeta’s logos, printed materials, website and wall art for their new, upcoming office space.

A different kind of web experience.

Wanting a defiantly different look and feel for their website, Alphabeta envisioned a long form landing page with bold styling that would show customers the ultimate benefit of outsourcing their QA needs. 

An increase in user based applications means an increased demand for quality assurance testing. Armed with a new brand and messaging, Alphabeta is poised to break into the world of outsourced QA to make a bold statement.

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BRANDING, identity, web

branding, Identity, web

branding, identity