M | Ten

Find a Path

M | Ten is an adventure and lifestyle app designed to lead users to amazing travel destinations near and far.

Other map apps try to get you home quickly. M | Ten will take you on the scenic route taking you to places you might have never found with a traditional map.

Find a Path

M | Ten needed a bold and adventurous brand direction to match their unique and exciting mobile application. In addition to  creating their logo and discovering their visual brand, we supplied them with direction for both their web site and the mobile application itself.

The most adventurous way home.

For M | Ten we envisioned a brand that looked colorful, bold and would draw users into the pre-planned adventures and road trips the app offers. Typography and icon design played a large role in establishing a visual direction that spoke to the intrepid spirit M | Ten offers it’s users.

M | Ten is all about the journey. The scenic route. The unknown. You give us the destination, we'll find the most amazing places for you to visit along the way.

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BRANDING, identity, web

branding, Identity, web

branding, identity